three pairs of sunglasses in different sunglass lenses

Choosing the Ultimate Sunglass Lenses: What's the Best Option?

The lenses in sunglasses are specially designed to absorb or block these harmful rays, reducing their impact on your eyes. there's a whole world of lens options to explore, each with its own perks and quirks. And you know what? Choosing the right sunglass lenses can make all the difference!
07 mai, 2024 — Remig Raffanti

How to Pick Sunglasses That Complement Your Facial Shape

In a world where fashion often dictates rigid standards of beauty, sunglasses emerge not only as a stylish accessory but also as a tool for self-expression and empowerment. We've long been told to mold ourselves to fit narrow definitions of beauty, but not anymore. Sunglasses aren't just an accessory; they're a statement of our autonomy and individuality. While we look for the perfect pair, we reject the notion of conformity and embrace the diversity of our facial shapes. 
12 mars, 2024 — Remig Raffanti

Fashion vs. Function: Choosing Between Polarized and Non-Polarized Sunglasses

One of the primary advantages that polarized sunglasses have over non-polarized lenses, is their ability to effectively combat the glare from the sun that can annoy, cause discomfort to, and blind anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Polarized sunglasses combat all of these issues by using that special filter invented by Edwin Land to selectively block horizontal wavelengths of light, such as sunlight bouncing off of the surface of water or even pavement, which significantly reduces glare and enhances your visual comfort.
25 janvier, 2024 — Remig Raffanti

How Your Sunglasses Affect Your Psychological Perception & Appearance

Sunglasses are an excellent fashion accessory, and who doesn’t look cool in a pair of sleek sunglasses? Well, researchers have found that there is a reason why sunglasses can be such a useful fashion accessory, and it’s not just to add to your outfit. 
25 janvier, 2024 — Farley Urmston

Sunglass Care Tips: How To Keep Your Sunglasses In Top Condition For A Long Time

There are many different ways to care for your sunglasses, from different sunglass cleaners, cases, and cleaning cloth materials, to different places to store the sunglasses to ensure that your...
01 décembre, 2023 — Remig Raffanti

UV 400 Protection: The Ins & Outs Of Why It Is Important

UV 400 protection isn’t just a term that is labeled on sunglasses to make them sound more protective than your run-of-the-mill shades. UV 400 protection is an important key indicator...
01 décembre, 2023 — Farley Urmston