Sunglasses are an excellent fashion accessory, and who doesn’t look cool in a pair of sleek sunglasses? Well, researchers have found that there is a reason why sunglasses can be such a useful fashion accessory, and it’s not just to add to your outfit. There are a few interesting things that sunglasses can do to improve not only our physical appearance but also our internal, and psychological functioning in our daily life as well! 

How Can Your Appearance Change Based On Which Sunglasses You Wear?

The Aviator

One of the most common examples of sunglasses instantly changing your appearance, and how others perceive you can be observed when someone puts on a pair of iconic Aviator-Style sunglasses. Not only are they fairly easy to recognize and notice someone when they have on a pair of the ever-popular Aviator-style sunglasses, but aviators may also give off a sense of authority and professionalism. 

Where did Aviators come from? 

“Aviators”, as we refer to them today, were first used by the United States military in 1935. During this period, pilots were finding it hard to fly during the day due to being at such high altitudes. The sun’s glare and brightness blinded them in vital situations, making it hard to be effective and successful in their missions. 

Why Aviators Are Such a Unique Design 

The shape of the aviator sunglasses was a collaboration between the US Army and Bausch & Lomb, a British optics manufacturer. Aviators were then mainly used by the military and not used so much by the everyday person until they were made widely popular by Tom Cruise’s character Maverick, who donned them in the famous movie “Top Gun” in 1986. The rest is history. Aviators have become an iconic symbol of style and confidence to this day. 

The Cat Eye

Cat eye sunglasses have not been around as long as the aviators but are a classic retro style that is still worn fashionably to this day. Usually distinguished by their upswept frames, pointed on each upper outer corner, they give the wearer the appearance of resembling cat eyes. These are most stylish when worn by people with an oval face shape, but any other face shape can still rock these retro shades! If you are looking to add a hint of retro to your look, be sure to try a pair of cat-eye sunglasses.


Round-framed sunglasses have been worn by some of the most famous people in recent history, from Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John to John Lennon and Audrey Hepburn. The people who will look the most stylish in these sunglasses will be those with either a long face, square face, or more triangular face. But don’t limit yourself just because you have a different-shaped face than these, you still could look fabulous in a pair of round sunglasses yourself!

These are just a few of the many different shapes and styles that are available to help you pick the perfect pair of sunglasses for your specific wants and needs. But each of them has a similar thing in common, they all can help you to improve your look externally, and internally as well.

How Can Your Psychological Perception Transform When You Wear Sunglasses?

Confidence Booster

When you put on a pair of sunglasses, you do more than just accessorize, or make a fashion statement. Sunglasses also have a subtle yet profound impact on how you present yourself and others perceive you. From shielding emotions to boosting confidence, these tinted companions have a remarkable influence on our psychology. Studies have shown that wearing sunglasses can give you a sense of anonymity, which could potentially be a psychological confidence boost when out in public situations. 

Sunglasses, Anonymity and Confidence

By giving you a feeling of anonymity you can gain confidence– specifically, studies have shown that when you slip on a pair of sunglasses, a switch flips in your brain giving you a sense of empowerment, almost like you are putting on a shield of armor, that not only protects you from the sun’s rays but from publicly displaying your potential insecurities and self-doubt. Who doesn’t want to feel confident and secure in the way they look? Not only does this self-confidence boost your self-esteem, but confidence is attractive as well, making you more intriguing to others.

So, the next time you slip on your shades, remember—they're not just protecting your eyes. Your shades can transform how you are seen by others, and change how you see yourself. From helping you gain a sense of anonymity, to helping you be seen by others as being more confident in your appearance. Embrace your newfound confidence, and let your shades speak volumes about your unique personality.


January 25, 2024 — Farley Urmston